Monday, March 11, 2013

Wake Up, Drank. Workout, Drank. Be awesome, Drank.

I've always heard that raw Apple Cider Vinegar was up there with coconut oil as being a healthy cure all. When I was in elementary school, my mom had a book full of natural home remedies. I loved reading how to cure all sorts of ailments by things you could naturally obtain, grow or mix up on your own. I've always been a little bit of a kitchen witch.

In November I started taking supplements on a daily basis in addition to my daily vitamin. I chose a simple addition of Evening Primrose Oil, Turmeric and a Super B Complex. (And...really excited about this....This week I started using the Oil Cleansing Method.)

Since, I’m on a lifetime kick of being more awesome, I also decided to dive into some kitchen witchery and start consuming a healthy tonic with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

Dr. Oz recommends using ACV as part of his Swimsuit Slimdown Plan, and although I’m not following that per say, I do have trip to Cabo coming up in only 11 weeks (what?! what?! I cannot wait!), so I thought I could incorporate some ACV into my “being more awesome” plan to see how that helps.

Reasons why I’m drinking up ACV? It is supposed to reduce sinus infections and sore throats, balance cholesterol, cure skin conditions, prevent muscle fatigue, strengthen the immune system, and more.

This week I added about 2 capfuls of ACV to my water for workouts and at work, I enjoyed a 2 capfuls in water with some organic grapefruit juice.

I was concerned I wouldn't like the taste, but it is pretty refreshing actually. This morning I added some lemon juice to my ACV and water – yum! The taste was a friendly reminder to myself to enjoy what good things I was doing to and for my mind, body and spirit.
I’m using Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (raw, unfiltered and it has the mother).

Here’s a Vine of what I was concocting this week before my lunches and workouts. Are you on Vine? Follow me as I post about living a loving, greener, healthier life in Big D. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Let us MARCH

March is one of my favorite months!

March is the dawning of Spring, a time to sink my hands into the earth, a time to unplug and a time to celebrate the anniversary of getting hitched to my love.

March is also Women's History Month - yeah, go women!

Today, while checking out my facebook feed I saw Mashable's highlight on 18 Major TechContributions From Entrepreneurial Women.

A few of my particular favorites 6 (okay 8, well 9) out of the 18 are...

The Acorn System 1, an early 8 bit computer designed by Cambridge student, Sophie Wilson in 1979. Recently, I've been alerted to be aware of synchronicities, intuition and inspiration (let's just say the topic of this post is full of all three).

This little icon is symbolic with “saving” but at one time also represented the physical floppy disk much larger than today’s SD card, yet much smaller in memory. Along with several other iconic symbols, user interface designer Susan Kare created many of the early Apple icons. 

I can’t help but think Grace Hopper helped pioneered the way for Google Translate, since she created the program that transformed code written in one language to another computer language – and she did it in 1952.

Thanks to Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Alexis Maybank, subscribers receive membership rewards and the inside scoop on luxurious merchandise sales from their 2007 e-commerce creation, Gilt Group. Also listed in Mashable's 18 are Birchbox founders Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp.

You like listening to Spotify while checking your Twitter feed between surfing Youtube channels? Well,  "you’re welcome," says Radia Perman (take that Al Gore), who created the Spanning Tree Protocol in 1985. The same year I was introduced to the flex capacitor and thought it was just Hollywood science fiction, ha.

And then there’s mathematician and space scientist Katherine Johnson who is responsible for calculating the trajectory Apollo 11 took to the moon in 1969. Kind of a big deal. 

Way to be awesome, ladies.