Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bedroom Octopus - It's finished and I love it!

Yay! No more big blank wall and I love how it turned out. I "sat" on my graphic a few days before I printed it, which is pretty indicative of how I do projects. I really like to think about some things. I've always got a zillion going on in my head, but this Saturday was the perfect day to complete the Bedroom Octopus.

As as I said earlier, I had already created my image in Illustrator, so I just went up to Kinkos and had them printed. Measured the sizes for my panels and had them cut to size at Home Depot. I planned on using MDF, but my little cheap angle said, "No, get the underlayment, it will work fine and it's even cheaper!" Next time, I'll spend the FEW extra dollars (we are literally talking about like $6 dollars) and get the mdf. I had to trim one of the panels later during the process and it really splintered - part of the reason it is a more distressed version of my inspiration picture.

I wanted my octopus art to have the look as if it's been painted and had texture, so I mixed food coloring and water to get my blue and orange colors and then just painted my printed graphic. Once the graphics were dry, I glued them to my panels and went over them with a clear coat sealant.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Octopussy in the Bedroom

I've been dying for some bedroom wall art that was different and chic, but also had to fit my criteria. This is a big blank wall, and I wanted something big, made a statement, but I didn't know what I wanted it to "say."I wanted it to be bold, androgynous, and sexy in a subtle way, but in a less formal "framed way."

While watching Bill and Giuliana that they had this hung in their dining room: Lord Bodner's Octopus Study - Natural Curiosities.

It could easily be mine for about $4000.00.

But there was another thing I needed my piece of art to be: cheap. So, I knew I could somehow recreate this using my mad crafty skills for much cheaper.

Off to the internet I went to find images of octopuses I could turn into vector art, edit, print big style at Kinko's, and then hang...I got even luckier.

I know you may think that I was the second person, after Bill and Giuliana's designer, Thom Filicia, to have this idea but - I wasn't (shocker)! I found other lovers of this print. =)

The Lennoxx

Mine will be a little different though, I'm going to create my panels using mdf and Mod Podge ans closer to what Saved By Love Creations did.