Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY Jellyfish Art : Accompany the Octopus

Have I mentioned how much I love my Octopussy in the Bedroom piece I created awhile back? As soon as he was complete, I had a vision of exactly what I wanted on the other wall. I wanted two pieces, both of jellyfish.

I love working with recycled goods and working with as much as I have on hand whenever possible. My husband likes this too, because my projects always end up being cheaper this way. =)

I pretty much worked the same method as my Octopus, just a few differences. Found my images, super-sized and edited using Photoshop, had them printed super-sized at Kinko's (I think to have my jelly fish printed it was around $10 bucks). Glued them to their "canvas", painted them (I used food color and water to give them their water colored look), textured them, let them dry and then cut them to size.

For my octopus's canvas, I used some scrap wood we had at home (there always plenty of scrap wood around 1992 House). For my jellyfish canvas, I used two big pieces of card board from the box our new TV came in (yay for our new TV!). Yep - I used a card board box as my canvas.

I wanted my jellyfish to have a textured look and feel over them, so I used a mixture of whole wheat flour (you know 1922 House is green like that) and water over the print.

Ta-dah! I'm super pleased with my sweet jellyfish!

Next to do - FRAME THEM!

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