Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sissy's on Henderson

A few weeks ago I was driving down Henderson Avenue as I do every Monday through Friday (and most Saturdays and Sundays) and noticed that where the sign at Hector’s on Henderson used to be was just a blank white space. I wondered what was going on. A new sign for Hectors, or a new restaurant in its place?

Only a few days later, I received an email from the Advocate (One of my favorite magazines! Love seeing it on my door handle. I know it anxiously waits for me to take it inside and devour it cover to cover. ) giving me my weekly update.

The post on The Advocated site said, “And Chef Lisa Garza is planning to open her new restaurant, Sissy’s Fried Chicken, in the former Hector’s on Henderson space at 2929 N. Henderson.”

Now, I’m going to admit, I didn’t recognize the name Lisa Garza when I first saw it in print. And, after I clicked over to D’s Side Dish, I…well… still didn’t know. So, I just Googled it – Lisa Garza. Oh, yes! Now I totally recognize her as a former contestant on Food Network’s The Next Food Network Star. I remember watching this season and rooting for Lisa. Why?

First of all she LOOKS amazing. I know, I know, I mentioned how she looks first, but well, first impression is everything, and since I didn’t get my first impression via phone call, I’ll have to go on what I see, and I see someone who meticulously cares about her appearance. Am I meticulous about my appearance, no, but can I appreciate it? Oh yes. Secondly, she is a tough cookie and runs a tight ship – bottom line – I like that. Thirdly, she’s from Dallas and has a restaurant here – how can she not be my top pick?

I look forward to checking out the food and the atmosphere at Sissy’s and sinking my teeth into one of those delicious juicy breasts. Or, maybe a thigh.

I never made it in to Hector’s. Gasp! Yep, it’s true. Although Hector’s was often the first stop in many girls’ night adventures, I always preferred to meet up someplace after and not have to mess with the valet, after all I live close and valet can be such a pain.

Sissy’s is expected to open Monday, February 27th. The website was recently launched and is still in “coming soon” mode, there is a link to check out the menu, but as of now it isn’t working. The site did give me the option to make a reservation, so I’ll be looking at my schedule and doing that soon. I “liked” the Sissy’s Facebook page (the one I could find), but as of now there hasn’t been any activity.

From what I’ve seen so far, I love the look and feel of the branding.

Pin-up girl, haute.

Font with a nostalgic Pabst Blue Ribbon feel, excellent choice.

Bottle of liquor next the pin-up girl, nice touch.

I could go on about the watering can filling up the glass, but I’ll save a few things for you to notice on your own.

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